3 Reasons to Shop Our Third Range


And so is our third range!

After a long, load shedding inflicted 3 months our third range is finally here!! We like to call it our Spring/Summer range, because we worked extremely hard to make the range seasonally accurate. Our t-shirts are very light compare to the previous ranges, and we've incorporated something other than t-shirts - look at us expanding our product varieties like a real company! 

Now that we have your attention, and you've had time to browse the new products, we're going to give you THREE reasons why you should buy something from the third range.

1. For Our Planet

We are environmentalists and in laymen terms, tree-huggers! Our tote bags are made from 100% recycled materials, which we are tremendously proud of. By shopping our tote bags you are not only supporting our movement in trying to make the world a cleaner, better place, but you are supporting this planet by standing up for environmentally friendly products. 

Salmon Tote Bag

2. For Our People

We continuously try to provide you with products that anyone can wear. Our shirts are unisex and come in all shapes and sizes. We encourage you to get a t-shirt for your grandma, your dad, your gardener and your boyfriend. There's no discrimination here, we are all just a bunch of swart skape trying to make it in this crazy roller-coaster we call LIFE!

Group photo

 3. For YOUR Comfort

Trust us when we say, these t-shirts are SO DAMN COMFY!!! Our embroidered tee's are probably the softest t-shirts anyone has ever felt - it's like wearing a shirt made from kitten fur. Our Onbeskaamd Afrikaans t-shirt is fantastic quality made from 100% cotton. These tee's are so comfortable and soft against the skin - perfect to lounge in at home, go to the movies in, or chill in at a family picnic. 

Picnic shot

Our secret fourth reason to shop our products is to support a local and small business. We don't do this, because we have to, but because we love it. Die Swart Skaap has never felt like work, because it brings so much joy to design new slogans and come up with new product ideas. Everything is done to bring happiness to other people and as long as we can continue to create fun products, sell some t-shirts and make Afrikaans people smile, we're happy!

Long live die onbeskaamde Afrikaners!