5 Biggest Fashion Trends to Follow in 2020

From sequence to puffy sleeves, there is a lot about to change in your wardrobe in the year 2020. Here's a roundup of the five fashion trends that dominated the spring 2020 runways. 

Edgy Suits


Don't think boardroom or meeting suits. The year 2020 suits will have a risque spin to them - sheer fabrics, lace and underwear is a must. 

Puffy Sleeves


Puffy sleeves bring flare to simplistic outfits. Stella McCartney & Alexander McQueen had a lot of puffed sleeves during their spring 2020 shows. 

Changed-Up White Shirt


Who doesn't love a basic white tee? Well, take that tee and reinvent it for next year, because it is a MUST! The white tee has always been a wardrobe staple, but it is time to change it up. 

Time to Shine


On the runway, designers paired sequence, glitter and even metallics with simple silhouette's. For a more realistic take on high shine, add a pop of shine to your wardrobe with a jacket, pair of shoes, or top. 

Bold Floral


Who would've guessed it...florals for spring? Yes, it is a thing and the designers are loving it! This trend was seen on Marc Jacobs' runway, paired with metallics and floral ruffles.