5 Ways to Style Your Basic Tee

T-shirts are just the best, it's a staple item every body should have in their wardrobe. And the best thing about t-shirts are how versatile they really are - one wouldn't think that looking at a basic tee. They come in all shapes, and colours. From an over-sized melange to a cropped black, and a distressed white to an olive t-shirt dress, these items are sent from fashion heaven. If we have now convinced you to go buy a basic t-shirt or to rummage through the desolate areas of your closet for the long abandoned tee.

Below is 5 popular ways to style your basic tee. 

1. Distressed Jeans 

This is a very comfortable way to wear your basic t-shirt. Pairing your tee with a distressed jean is perfect for a Saturday flea market shopping spree or Sunday brunch. 

Girl in distressed jeans

2. Striped Pattern Pants

Adding some flair to your basic tee. It is easy to dress a t-shirt up, by wearing it with eccentric pieces, such as patterned bottoms. 

3. Blazer & Suit Pants

Wear your basic t-shirt more fashionable by adding it to a blazer and suit ensemble. A t-shirt doesn't have to be worn only with comfortable, relaxing outfits. It can definitely be dressed up with the right pieces. Wear your basic t-shirt to your next business meeting with a blazer and suit pants. 

Fancy t-shirt style

4. Floral Skirt

An easy way to add some feminine flair to your basic tee is by wearing it with a floral skirt. Not only will the skirt feminise your tee, but will add a splash of colour to it. This is the perfect outfit to wear to a music festival. 

5. Khaki Shorts

You can never go wrong by pairing your basic tee with khaki shorts. Not only are khaki shorts extremely comfortable, but it pushes the boundaries and adds a touch of style to a basic t-shirt. Try this outfit at the next spring picnic.  

Girl in khaki shorts