About Our Second Range


Today is the day!! We release our second range and we couldn't be more excited! It took longer than expected, and just when we thought we're good to go corona hit. Our hearts go out to all the businesses, especially the small ones that were affected by the virus. Our hope is for all to recover and find their way back to the new normal. 

Back to business...OUR SECOND RANGE! Die Swart Skaap has grown a lot in the last 6 months, and we've loved seeing how everyone reacted to the tee's. We had to step up our game, not just for the sake of fashion, but for you guys; our lovely and supportive swart skaap followers! 

Our second range comes in two different colours, and in three different styles & designs. Our very popular heather grey has stayed, seeing as it works well with the print and basically with any clothing item. We've swapped out our white for charcoal, and can we say...IT WORKS! 

The tee is softer than ever and even better, WE'VE CROPPED IT! Our charcoal lady tee's are all cropped and ready to rock. Previously we only had unisex tee's, but as mentioned earlier we stepped up for the sake of fashion and now we have ladies cut tee's, unisex tee's, and men's cut tee's. We've always seen Die Swart Skaap as a unisex brand, yet our first range related more to women only. Guys, now we've got you! With manlier designs, thicker collars and a men's cut just for you.  

Let's get to the crazy, obscene, still kind of cute designs. 


Our first design is the little black sheep tee. We wanted a versatile design, but something cute. This little sheep illustrates how swart skape act - when everybody conforms and follow trends, the swart skaap walks in his own direction away from the rest. 

Our FOKOP tee quite literally puts your feelings on a shirt. Not everybody's cup of tea, but for those bold enough to wear it - please wear it wisely and definitely in the presence of those who think you're a FOKOP for not conforming to their ways. 


We love a good front & back printed tee, not to mention a nail-hitting slogan. Our Skape Volg tee speaks volumes of how one should and shouldn't live.

All three designs are available in the ladies cut cropped tee's, men's cut tee's, and the unisex tee's, which only come in heather grey. They pair well with literally ALL clothing items - jeans, skirts, flare pants, sweatpants, palazzo pants, leather skirts, denim skirts, quilts, over a dress, under dungaree's, pajama's, leggings, shorts, skorts, capri's etc. 

Our second range drops at 20h00 TODAY!!! 

Get yours for only R235.00 with FREE SHIPPING and NO TAX!