CAN YOU GUESS IT? Die Swartskaap New Designs

Hi there, fellow Swartskape!

It's been a while, and we miss you as much as you miss the witty Afrikaans slogans. Keep calm and keep up with your swart skaap antics, because our second range is coming in hot and soon as we all survive Apocalypse Now (aka COVID-19). 

Our new range is cropped, even more obscene (yes, more than WOL & ZOL) and ready to be worn at every family function that had to be postponed due to good old Rona. 

We figured instead of making it easy on you guys and not fun at all, we aren't simply going to show you the new range, but instead play a guessing game of what the second range could potentially be. We all know Die Swart Skaap ranges come in three designs, and as soon as that range is sold out a new one with three completely new designs are released. We will provide tips to help decipher our three new goes:

Witty Tee #1

Sheep rarely wander by themselves, this tee represents how sheep tend to herd together, with the exception of one...

Tip: it's quite cute

Witty Tee #2

Most black sheep have been called this...or probably have felt this way a few times in their life. This tee puts your feelings into words...on a t-shirt of course. 

Tip: it's a bad word

Witty Tee #3

What does someone that acts like a sheep normally do? What does a black sheep do opposite to what a sheep does...?

Tip: sheep _ _ _ _ _ _ black sheep _ _ _ _ _ 


There you have it! Best part of this is, whoever guesses it right, or comes the closest with all three t-shirts can choose their favourite witty tee and that one is all yours for FREE!

Now, start guessing swart skape!