Crikey! Look at that Croc!

Crocs are making a comeback?

The original Croc shoe also known as the Classic Croc hit stores in 2002 and has since sold more than 300 million shoes in 900 countries. But what started out as a boat shoe has been dividing the world ever since. 

While the unique and quirky style added with its comfort made the shoe very popular at first, many have banished the shoe to only be worn when gardening or doing chores around the house...or at least that was the situation until recently.


Party Like A Croc Star

In 2018 models for Balenciaga's spring fashion show strut down the runway wearing Crocs. A Croc-inspired clog was also spotted in Gucci's Cruise Collection. This helped to boost the sales. 

When celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Zooey Deschanel and even K-Pop stars started sporting Crocs it created even more awareness, but it was Mr Feel Just Like a Rockstar, Post Malone who put the shoe back on the fashion map. He was posting them all over social media and was seen wearing them constantly. He made people really question if Crocs were cool again.

Crocs and Socks

While there is no correct way of wearing Crocs (maybe not wearing them is correct), there are many ways to style Crocs. They are available in just about any colour you can possibly think of. Black and white, check. Metallic or neon, check. Patterned, of course. You want them, they got them. This means that if will work with any outfit you plan on wearing. 

If you need a more formal shoe for a red carpet or date night, Crocs have you covered with their high-heeled version. 

You can customise your pair with jibbitz. If you are unfamiliar with jibbitz, they are those pins you decorate your Crocs with to really show your interests. It adds a personal touch.

If you are still unsure, style them with a pair of socks. 

Are Crocs Cool Again?

Generation Z has started the trend of 'ugly high fashion'. This is reflected in the comeback of fanny packs, the ugly sneaker by Yeezy and those Ugg/Birkenstock hybrid (yes that exists). It is now cool to be uncool just look at Post Malone and Billie Eilish's style.

Crocs fall into this category of 'hideous garments'. Crocs are uncool. So, while it pains me to say it, this means that Crocs are now cool. 

Have you been bitten by the Croc trend? Let us know!