Everything About Our Third Spring Range


Breathing a sigh of relief and EXCITEMENT, because our third/spring range is finally here, and can we say - it's our favourite! 

Every time I write the "new range" blog I say how this range has made Die Swart Skaap grow, but this time the range really allows the company to feel growth. Die Swart Skaap is not even 1-year-old and it has a third range! With the VERY successful first range, the little bit more obscene second range and now the spring third range - the brand is starting to feel like a real company. 

Let's dive right into our third range that is releasing on the website TONIGHT at 6PM. First things first, we've expanded our range to more than t-shirts, and added tote bags. Our tote bags are made from 100% recycled materials and they are adorable! Our t-shirts are made from a lighter fabric, which is perfect for spring & summer. We've incorporated smaller, more subtle designs to give a lighter vibe to the tee's. 

Embroidered T-shirt


The logo is embroidered on the pocket area, ergo wear and wash this baby as much as you like, that logo is going NOWHERE! We drew inspiration from the Lacoste's and Levi's of the world, who is famous for their logo embroidered on the chest pocket. However, we wanted to give our customers a little bit more than a microscopic black sheep embroidery on their chests. 

This t-shirt is available in a dove grey (as seen above) and an avocado green. The t-shirt is extremely soft and comfortable and can be worn with pretty much any piece of clothing in your wardrobe! 

Onbeskaamd Unisex T-shirts


Okay all of our t-shirts are unisex, but this one comes with the thicker rib collar which makes it our official unisex tee. This comfy, 100% cotton t-shirt is available in white, and comes with a cute little neck "skapie."

Back onbeskaamd

Quick back story to the slogan: Onbeskaamd Afrikaans

It was originally going to be Die Swart Skaap's tagline. I was Whatsapping (it's a word) my family group and as a trotse Suid-Afrikaner, whose English is much better than my lekker Afrikaans, I asked "What does unapologetic translate to in Afrikaans?" I had no clue...and I really wanted to use it! Everyone headed straight to Google Translate, and eventually my cousin came to the rescue with Onbeskaamd. It was a thing! 

whatsapp chat

whatsapp chat 2

I also ran a little test on Social Media and posted an image with the words "Onbeskaamd Afrikaans" on, only to find that it is one of the most liked posts - and then it was official. You all made it happen! 

At a lower price than our embroidered t-shirts, the Onbeskaamd Afrikaans tee is the perfect summer shirt - wear it to the gym or tied at the front with bikini bottoms on the beach. 

The Tote Bag

grey tote bag

Eeek!! We're IN LOVE with our recycled material totes! This bag is the perfect size for your beach essentials or gym clothes. It's also made from very soft fabric, yet is extremely sturdy! The tote bags are available in salmon, grey melange and a natural beige. We're especially excited to grow our product range and branch out to more than only t-shirts. The tote bag is a must-have summer essential - think about the farmers markets and music festivals to which you can bring the Swart Skaap tote!

Also, it's not just another tote bag that every girl on social media will be sporting this summer, there's LIMITED amounts of our totes, so hurry up and get one before you're left out like a white sheep...

Here's to hoping our third range is a major success and that you all LOVE it as much as we do!!