Meet Our Newest Member

Hello Zand'lee!

We are excited to announce our latest swart skaap/member! If you notice a change in our social media, that's because we have Zand'lee Groenewald taking over in October. Zand'lee is currently in her third year of Bcom MBM and she is doing her thesis on Die Swart Skaap. 

Her thesis research topic: The impact of e-commerce marketing strategies on customer retention in Die Swart Skaap.

"I've always been in love with locally manufactured products as they reflect so much of our country's unique culture and vibe. I interned and worked for Media Mosaics for about a year and a half and during that time a lot of my energy and focus lay with meeting and providing local entrepreneurs and artists with a platform to showcase their goods and talents at our monthly Market@theSheds in the historic Pretoria CBD.

With the changing economic climate and expensive real estate it can be very difficult for entrepreneurs to find an affordable place that is still close to their target market to set up shop and so more and more people are choosing to operate via a e-commerce business.
My hope for this study is to essentially compare two different marketing strategies and see which one has the most impact on Die Swart Skaap's customer retention and based on these findings hopefully be able to combine the best features of both to make recommendations for future marketing campaigns to maximize their customer retention. If successful this can be used as a template for all sorts of e-commerce businesses trying to make their way during these difficult times."
Let's all give Zand'lee a warm welcome! 
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